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Visit the MAS with a group

Do you want to learn all about one of our exhibitions? Do you want to discover the history of Antwerp in the world and the world in Antwerp with a passionate guide? Would you like to be initiated in the history of the MAS itself and all its powerful stories? Hire a guide who knows every corner of the MAS and its appealing collection.

Group visits without a guide

Would you like to discover the MAS with a group, at your own pace? No problem. We prefer that you buy tickets online in advance. If you order a minimum of 12 tickets at full price, you will enjoy the group rate.

Group visits with a guide

A guide tells you a lot of interesting facts about our collection and the exhibitions. Book a guide via Experience Antwerp:

Please note: you cannot book a guide for the free last Wednesday of the month.

The MAS offers various theme tours. All practical information about the tours can be found here:

A guided visit to 100 x Congo

A century of Congolese art in Antwerp

100 unique Congolese objects from the MAS collection are the eye-catchers of this exhibition. '100x Congo' reflects on the acquisition history of these objects and the image of Africans then and now.


Let yourself be carried away with a guide and dive into celebrations and parades from home or somewhere far away.

Antwerp à la carte

tour for adults

A guide will show you the surprising, tortuous and often invisible trail of the food chain through Antwerp.

Guided tour exhibition Life and Death

Don’t be afraid of death: find out how others see the beginning and end of life... Allow an enthralling storyteller to take you to the afterlife.


Unable to choose? Then why not visit every floor of the MAS? Book the full MAS tour, accompanied by a passionate guide. You will receive detailed explanation about all the themed rooms, which will be available free of charge all day long.

The architectural splendour of the MAS

Walking tour

The MAS is a striking red building on the waterfront. What is the origin of this contemporary warehouse? What techniques did its architects use, and why? Ask all your questions during the MAS architectural tour.

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