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In many hands

A multimedia project by Faire-Part

In the multimedia project 'In many hands' twenty-five people shine their light on the Congolese collection of the city of Antwerp.

The narrators are inhabitants of the Congolese capital Kinshasa, citizens of Antwerp and people with a connection to the city by the Scheldt. The MAS engages in a dialogue with them about the various meanings of the Congolese collection, and the importance of a plurality of voices. They look at the highlights from different angles.

The objects raise numerous questions. What do they mean? What feelings do they evoke? Where do they belong?

In many hands

  • Sound: Rob Jacobs, Nizar Saleh
  • Image: Nizar Saleh, Constanze Wouters, Hannah Bailliu, Margo Mot
  • Editing: Constanze Wouters, Rob Jacobs, Nizar Saleh
  • Minutes: 35
  • Translations: Deogracias Kihalu, Rob Jacobs
  • Testimonies: Aiko Devriendt, Carol Beya Tshidi, David Katshiunga, Emmanuel Ogbebor, François Bavenga Pambu, Henriette Kabeya Ntumba, Herman Cornelissen, Hyppolite Mayuba, Jeannette Maota Mambimbi, Jérôme Mikobi, Judith Elseviers, Karoline ‘Leki’ Kamosi, Louna Gonzales Carrera, Marie Antoinette Kumudidi Walo, Maxim Ryckaerts, Omar Ba, Patricia Van de Velde, Rob Jacobs, Sandrine Ekofo, Sarah Agyemang, Seckou Ouologuem, Soraya Odia, Tania Kaja Kapinga, Verro Ekaka Ndombe

The film will be screened continuously for free in the MAS pavilion.

Karoline 'Leki' Kamosi

Karoline 'Leki' Kamosi is a Belgian-Congolese musician. With the non-profit association Nanda, she is building a health center in her grandfather's village in the Yaka region, in Congo. She chooses her favorite object from the exhibition.

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