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Plan your visit

Practical information

Some practical guidelines to ensure a pleasant visit.

Tickets & Rates

An overview of the tickets you can book.

rood gebouw

How & when to get here

When is the museum open and how do you get here?

mensen in een rolstoel

In the MAS

The MAS is there for everyone. It's also accessible for less mobile visitors and people with an auditory or visual impairment.

laag gebouw in rode steen


The MAS site includes more than just the impressive MAS tower and the large museum square. In the latter, you'll discover a substantial part of contemporary Antwerp.

Food & beverages

The MAS is not only a museum, it's also a unique location for a picnic, it offers a cosy museum café at the foot of the MAS as well as a gourmet restaurant on the top floor.

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