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Buying tickets: FAQ

Do you have any questions about buying e-tickets online for a specific period of time? You may find the answer on this page.

When and where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available online and are sold for a specific time block. See 'Tickets & Rates

Can I only buy a ticket online?

We strongly recommend that you buy the tickets online. Those who cannot buy tickets online, will be helped at our front desk. Keep your ticket safe and bring it with you on your visit.

Visitors with a valid ticket and ID will be allowed access to the museum. Visitors who are entitled to free admission (e.g. children, card holders, etc.) must still reserve a (free) e-ticket.

How do I reserve a ticket?

  • Select a date and time block.
  • Choose the number of tickets per available rate.
  • Click on ‘Add to cart’.
  • Register and pay for your tickets.
  • Sign in or register as a new user.
  • Pay for your tickets.

After your payment has been successfully completed, you will automatically receive your ticket by email.

You can also download your ticket at ‘history and overviews’ in your profile page in the webshop for the City of Antwerp

Don't you have an account yet? First create a profile via ‘Register as new user’. Do you need help? Follow the steps via this step-by-step plan.

Do I also need to book a ticket for my child?

Yes. Children also need a ticket to visit the museum.

What is meant by a time block?

We only allow a limited number of visitors into the museum during fixed time blocks. An ticket entitles you to a one-time visit to the museum on the date and time stated on the ticket.

Respect the time block on your ticket. This way we can avoid long waiting times, and ‘social distancing’ in the museum can be guaranteed.

Who needs to reserve a time block?

Anyone wishing to visit the museum must reserve a time block.

If you have a discount card (e.g. A-card, Museumpas, Antwerp City Card, teacher card or other), you must still reserve a time block. These cards will be scanned at the entrance as usual. Even if you are entitled to free admission (e.g. children and cardholders), you must still reserve an ticket.

Is the date and time block stated on my ticket?

Yes. The date and the arrival time are stated on both the ticket and in your confirmation email. Please respect the time of arrival and arrive at the museum on time.

I have a ticket with a time block, but I actually want to come earlier/later, is that possible?

The museum can only allow a maximum number of visitors at a time. You must respect your chosen time block and arrive on time. If you are late, we cannot guarantee you entrance to the museum. We put the safety of all visitors and employees first.

Please respect the time of arrival and arrive at the museum on time.

Can I exchange my ticket or get a refund?

No refunds or exchanges are possible. Reselling, abusing or forging e-tickets is prohibited. See our Conditions of sale

Do I have to print the ticket?

You can print your ticket, but you can also show it on your smartphone at the entrance. Please make sure the barcode is clearly legible and that the backlight is set to bright.

If you have a discount card (e.g. A-card, Museumpas, Antwerp City Card, teacher card or other), you must also show it. Be sure to keep your e-ticket and ID handy for easy access.

What Corona measures is the museum taking?

The museum is striving to ensure your visit is as safe as possible and is following the guidelines of the Belgian Security Council and the province of Antwerp. For example, the 1.5-metre distance must be observed everywhere; there is a limit on the number of visitors to the museum; and maximum hygiene is to be followed.

Are programmes such as lectures, concerts, tours and workshops going to continue?

Take a look at the page What's up? Here you'll find the most recent information about our activities.

Can I visit the museum in a group and/or book a guided tour?

See our page Visit the Mas with a group. It gives an overview of all the possibilities.

Can I visit the museum with my class?

See Bring your class to the MAS.

Is the museum café STORM open?


Corona measures

Your well-being is paramount. We will provide a safe environment. Read the instructions on the information screens carefully and follow the advice of the museum staff. Prepare yourself and read the measures we are implementing beforehand:
We wish you a pleasant visit.

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