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Guided tour exhibition Life and Death

Some people fear it, while others seek it out. For some it is an end, for others a new beginning. Life and death are intimately linked. How do you feel about death? And which mythical accounts of it do you still have to discover? Together with a guide, unravel some of life’s big questions.

Philosophical questions about life and the transition to the afterlife

Belief in life after death is a very personal matter. In the Life and Death exhibition, you will come across the different ways people around the world have understood these matters, and the intense need people everywhere have for ritual experience.

On the 7th floor, we hear from gods and humans. Discover the many different views of life and death. From ancient Egypt, African beliefs about ancestors, the ideas of reincarnation and karma in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism to the liberal Humanism that strives for a good and meaningful life together.

The guide focuses on the three Religions of the Book: Judaism, Christinaity and Islam. In the Torah, Bible and Quran, God reveals himself to man. How did believers visualize(d) all this? Central to the renewed arrangement is Jerusalem, a holy city for the three religions.

Practical information

  • for: adults
  • duration: 1.5 hours
  • max 20 people per guide
  • languages: Dutch/French/English/Other languages on request
  • cost: €85 guide + €20 administration fee + access to museum


Group visits are not possible for the time being.

Book a guide via Experience Antwerp:

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