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Dia de los muertos 2021

Altar of Antwerp

Since 2017, the Altar of Antwerp has been part of the permanent collection of the MAS. It is an object constructed by artists and participants, through which we collectively investigate how we relate to what we lose. The result is an eclectic mix that explores who we can become as a community. Inspired by pre-Hispanic traditions, combined with current impulses, we create a living and mestizo work of art.


The vernissage of the Altar of Antwerp is part of the celebration of the Day of the Dead.

Celebrate with us on 31 October?


    A guided tour with performance through the collection of pre-Hispanic objects

    A guided tour through the collection of Dora and Paul Janssen-Arts from the perspective of a group of Belgian artists of Latin American origin. Your guide is Gerardo Salinas.

    • Sunday 31 October at 1 and 4 pm (guided tour in Dutch) and at 2.30 pm (guided tour in Spanish).

    Visit the Dia de los Muertos altars 

    The Altar of Antwerp

    Vestido' textile work by Lucila Guichón and Joana Rossi and performance by Juan Carlos Bonifaz and Gea Zazil.

    • The altar can already be visited and will remain on the 8th floor of the MAS until 8 November.

    The Mexican Altar

    As every year, an altar faithful to Mexican traditions will be presented. It is a way to honour the traditions that inspired us to create the Altar of Antwerp. This altar is put together by the Embassy of Mexico in Belgium.

    • The altar can already be visited and will remain on the 8th floor of the MAS until 8 November.


    The songs work like Tupperware in which we can store memories and emotions. Every time we listen to certain songs, we reconnect with the moment we cherished those moments and sensations. The most effective time machine that connects us to who we were. With Playlist, we create an interactive collection where we share music, memories and emotions, to create the soundtrack of the city together.

    Presentation of 'Collection

    It is a series of videos that take a look at the relationship of Belgian artists of Latin American origin with their pre-Hispanic roots. With and by Gea Zazil, Javier Perugachi, Juan Carlos Bonifaz, Lucila Guichón, Joana Rossi and Gerardo Salinas.

    • Presentation of the videos on Sunday 31 October from 1 pm onwards

    Walk-in workshop

    Every year on 1 and 2 November, Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead or Dia de Los Muertos. This day is not sad at all. It is a big party. 
    Everywhere you see cheerfully decorated skulls and skeletons. Go ahead and draw a colourfully decorated skeleton or skull yourself.


    During the month of October, the Altar of Antwerp is linked to various Day of the Dead activities:

    • Permeke Library: Feast of the Dead, programme directed by Patricia López (
    • In Rataplan: different activities with the cooperation of Joana Rossi (look at
    • Cultural Space of Mundana: (for the programme, see
    • Mexican Embassy in Brussels: various commemorative activities

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    Altar of Antwerp

    Since 2012, the Mestizo Arts Platform (MAP) collective has been maintaining and renewing the Altar of Antwerp: a participatory installation that invites us to reflect on the meaning of 'what we have lost' in the city. This has been a part of the MAS' permanent collection since 2017.


    This year, we are creating the city's playlist for the Altar of Antwerp. This playlist will consist of songs that city residents bring in. Each song is linked to a moment, a person or a feeling that the participant wants to evoke.

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